About me

For first time let me introduce myself. My name is Markéta Zákostelská. I have been working as make-up artist and hairstylist for several years. Beautification of others for me, doesnt represent just a profession, but also a great hobby and passion. Long-term cooperation with well-known photographers participate in the creation of advertising and calendars. I also participate in the preparation of the fashion pages in magazines and provides its services to well-know faces.

Even if you do not own a single brush you still can have in your arsenal secret and effective weapon- a professionsl make-up artist. You do not need to be a model or a celebrity, you could enjoy an extraordinary feeling of professional care. The result will be charmed, your confidence will grow and wedding or party will be an exciting adventure before it starts. Who ever indulged professional services, will certainly confirm that this is a revolutionary and a memorable experience.

To have  a look of professional make-over and hairstyle like the one from magazine is not only privilege of models or famous people. You can also enjoy that enchanting feeling of spotlessly and precisely done make-up coordinated with perfect hair style.

I work with one of the leading houses such as M.A.C. a professional, high guality, certified beauty products.